What Smells Repel Cockroaches?

Cockroaches can be a nuisance and very difficult to get rid of. They spread bacteria and disease, contaminate food, ruin books and wallpaper, and cause allergies. They also emit unpleasant smells. The question that many people have is what smells repel cockroaches? The smell may not be pleasant to you, but it is very difficult for cockroaches to resist.

Roaches are attracted to starchy and sugary smells, they will stick around as long as those smells are present. Once the smell has gone away, these insects will not return anymore.

Additionally, some smells repel cockroaches by disguising the scent of food and making it unappealing for them. This means they will eat elsewhere. This article will explain some of the most common smells do roaches hate to read on.

What Smells Do Cockroaches Hate?

Cockroaches are normally unable to resist any food. They have evolved over the years to be able to eat almost anything. When researching what smell roaches hate, you will find that it is any smell associated with food.

Certain smells, as well as some aromatic plants, can repel cockroaches because they smell offensive to them. There are even natural remedies that will help with getting rid of cockroaches. These plants and smells can either be used as traps or repellants.

If you put a particular smell in certain areas of your home, the cockroaches will avoid coming near it. This is not only because the smell is offensive, but also because it masks their food preference. Let’s discuss some of the smells that keep roaches away.

Scents You Should Consider Using to Repel Roaches

With so many smells that repel roaches, you don’t know where to start. It is important that you find one that works for your area and is appealing to you.

While there are many smells that can be quite effective at repelling cockroaches, there are a few simple, inexpensive household items that will do the trick.


One of the most common smells that roaches hate is lavender. The scent is pleasant to most people but very offensive to these insects.

Lavender is an aromatic flower. It has a sweet and floral scent that repels cockroaches. You can either plant it in your garden or keep the flower in your home. The flower is small and will not take up much space at all.

In fact, Lavender oil can be used to get rid of roaches. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.


If you would like a natural way of repelling roaches, garlic is a great choice. The smell from this spice is very offensive to them.

You can also use garlic powder, it is a great way to keep roaches away from your home. In order to use this product indoors, you can add a little bit to your dish when cooking or sprinkle it around the area where you intend to use it.

Additionally, garlic is a great and effective way to get rid of roaches, especially German roaches. Garlic is a great way to add flavor to your food without much effort. In order for this method of repelling roaches to work, you need to make sure that you use a lot of it. All areas where the roaches exist must be treated.

Cedar Oil

Cedar Oil is another substance that can be used to keep away cockroaches. It will leave your home smelling nice and fresh.In order to use this oil, you can mix it in water and spray it around the area or purchase it in a candle form. Either way, the smell will keep roaches away without you having to worry about the spray staining your walls. It won’t harm your home in any way.


Eucalyptus can be used to keep roaches away from your home. You can use eucalyptus oil or plant the tree in your garden. Either way, the smell will keep these pesky insects away.

It is always best to use essential oils instead of spray. It will take longer typically, but it is much safer for your home and yourself. It is an easy way to ensure that they will not come back again.


Cinnamon is another great natural repellent that will keep roaches out. This spice has a strong smell that these insects hate, so this is a great option.Using cinnamon oil or powder is highly effective, but it must be used in small areas and may take quite a bit of time to work. Just make sure that you sprinkle it in areas where roaches like to travel and exit your home because this will help to ensure their complete departure.


Cockroaches absolutely hate the smell of catnip. The plant is common and easy to find, so it is a great option.You can plant this herb in your garden to keep them out of the area completely. If you do not have any available space outdoors, you can also purchase Catnip oil and mix it in water. Spray the solution around your home, especially along baseboards and cracks because that is where these pests reside most often.


Lemon is another natural substance that can be used to kill roaches. This fruit has a very strong smell and tastes sour, so roaches do not like it any more than we do.

You can use either the juice itself or a little bit of lemon oil to keep these insects away.

Mostly lemon oil can be used as an effective roach repellent. Just make sure to use it in the same way you would any other type of oil, mostly in small places.


Citrus fruits have a very strong smell that cockroaches do not like. A great way to keep these pests out is by using Citrus oil. By using this oil as a repellent, the insects will not enter your home. The small price for cockroach free home is worth it.

Many citrus fruits, especially lemons and limes make a natural component called “Citric Acid“, which is also used for repelling roaches. The smell of this acid is very strong and can keep them away from your home. This acid must be diluted in order to be applied, so it is important to remember this.

citric acid

Peppermint Oil

There has been a lot of research done on the effectiveness of peppermint oil as a cockroach repellent. It turns out, this natural substance is very effective because the strapping smell it produces repels the insects.

Just mix some peppermint oil with water and spray it around your home where you think the cockroaches come from. The more you use it, the better it will work.

Moreover, you can also plant the actual peppermint plants around your home. This will not only help to get rid of these bugs but will also give your garden a fresh peppermint scent.

Finally, there are also many other scents that will repel cockroaches but these listed here are the top ones. These scents will repel cockroaches and keep them from coming back again. All of these options are natural and will not hurt your home.

What Smell Do Roaches Like?

Now that you know what scents repel roaches it is important to know what smells they actually like. If you want to get rid of them you need to know what drives them into your home.

Roaches are after two things, food and water. They will try to get into your home for both of these reasons.

Cockroaches are the most attracted to sugary foods, so you should make sure your home is clean of any crumbs. Make sure to sweep up any floors and wipe off the counters after eating.

They also love water, so you also need to keep your home clean of any standing water. Make sure to dry off your dishes and clean out the sink after washing up, as well as make sure your bathroom is dry and clean.

If you keep your home clean of these things, they will have no reason to come inside. The stronger the smells they hate, the more it will repel them.


Roaches prefer a dark, damp, and warm environment. They will live anywhere from sewers to the cleanest homes as long as it is with their desired conditions. Roaches are attracted to food and water. You can repel them by using scents they dislike, like citrus smells.

So, if you want to know what repels cockroaches, you have to find out what they are actually attracted to. If you keep your home clean and free of food and water, then roaches will not be able to survive.

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