Does Boric Acid Kill Roaches?

Looking to kill roaches in your home without using harmful pesticides? There are many home remedies to kill cockroaches, but some people use boric acid for roaches. This compound is made from the by-products of industrial processing. There are different types of boric acid, some are fairly benign while other forms are dangerous.

The name of this ingredient is often associated with cockroaches because the substance has the ability to kill them. However, it is a cheap and effective weapon for killing cockroaches.

Since boric acid is a poison, you should use it with care. It can be used against other insects as well, but it has certain side effects if used for extended periods of time.

In this article, we take a look at how does boric acid kill roaches? with special attention paid to their relative effectiveness as cockroach killers.

How Does Boric Acid Kill Roaches?

Boric acid is a poison that targets the digestive system of cockroaches. Once they ingest it, It will start killing them within a few days.

Boric Acid

Roaches usually become infected by eating a small amount of boric acid or ingesting it after crawling through dust or powder that contains the substance.

Cockroaches slowly dehydrate without being able to produce digestive acids and die because of severe internal organ damage.

It can also seep through their legs and body openings leading to additional damage.

What Can I Mix with Boric Acid to Kill Roaches?

Boric acid is often used with other ingredients. The mix will attract roaches that are looking for food, which then ingest the poison. Some roaches can resist boric acid, which is why we advise using it in combination with other ingredients.

There are many other substances that you can mix with boric acid for roaches. Some are household ingredients you can use, which are given below:

Boric Acid and Peanut Butter

Boric acid is not only used alone to kill roaches but it can also be mixed with other substances. One of these is peanut butter.

boric acid and peanut butter

Peanut butter is a great roach attractant and will lure roaches over to boric acid. The cockroaches die after eating this combination.

While using peanut butter will improve the efficiency of boric acid, it’s not recommended to use it on its own because It is toxic to humans in large amounts.

How to make: Mix four tablespoons of boric acid with half a cup of peanut butter. Mix it well so that the ingredients are combined thoroughly.

You can apply this mixture in cabinets, drawers, cupboards, etc. but make sure you do not let children or pets access these areas.

Boric Acid and Sugar


If you do not have peanut butter, you can use sugar to attract the roaches instead. The sweet taste of sugar will help lure the roaches. While this mixture won’t be as effective, it can work if you have no other choice.

boric acid and sugar

So the question is does boric acid kill roaches with sugar? Yes, it will attract the roaches and leave them vulnerable to poisoning.

How to make: Mix three tablespoons of boric acid with a half cup of sugar and mix it well.

This mixture should be scattered in the infested areas such as cabinets, drawers, cupboards, etc.

Boric Acid and Flour

This is a fairly common home remedy used to kill roaches. Flour is a substance that will help dry out the roaches, while the boric acid will kill them.

boric acid and floor

How to make: Mix boric acid with flour. You can use a ratio of one to one or make the mixture in bulk.

This mixture should be sprinkled in cabinets, drawers, cupboards, etc. Also, this mixture is not dangerous for children or pets.

How Long Does Boric Acid Take to Kill Cockroaches?

Since boric acid does not act instantaneously, you will need to wait until the roaches ingest it.

Even if the boric acid does not kill the roaches immediately, it does provide a lingering effect. The acid leads to dehydration in cockroaches that leads to death.

It does take time for this process, but it does work. Roaches that have ingested boric acid will die within a maximum of 1 to 3 days.

Some roaches can survive and continue to live which is why it is important that boric acid does not stand alone. It should be used in combination with other ingredients or substances mentioned above.

Where to Buy Boric Acid for Roaches?

Boric acid does not need to be purchased at a professional store. It is available at most grocery stores and home improvement centers.

You can also purchase boric acid in online stores. However, if you are purchasing it from an online store, make sure to read the product description carefully before buying.

It does vary by brand and you should only buy boric acid that is intended for roaches. There are other types of boric acid available that can be used to treat other things.

We recommend that you purchase boric acid on Amazon because of their customer satisfaction guarantee and wide selections. Also, the price is pretty competitive here.


While boric acid does not kill cockroaches quickly, it does work. Some roaches can be resistant to this ingredient, but if you combine it with other substances, you will have a more effective result.

Boric acid does not cause any irritation to the skin, does not leave stains, and does not smell either. But keep in mind that since it is poisonous to humans, make sure children or pets are not exposed to it.

Hoping you found this article helpful in does boric acid kill roaches and other related information.

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